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Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Golden Gate of Israel

By: Elisheva

I once heard an incredible sermon of a prophecy for Indonesia. Almost everything that the preacher said was nothing really new to me. I had heard it before. But what I had not known was all the historical and biblical facts that would proof the truth in the prophecy about Indonesia that I had heard from different people.

(Bacalah terjemahan Indonesianya di sini : Gerbang Emas Israel)

The preacher talked about the 12 gates of Jerusalem that was built during and after the time of Nehemiah. The 12 gates were originally named after the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 sons of Jacob. But through hundreds of years, the 12 gates gave also been known with different names as shown in the wheels of the 12 gates below.

“These are the city exits; they are to be named after the tribes of Israel, three gates on each of the four sides…
on the north: Reuben, Yehudah and Levi
on the east: Yoseph, Benyamin and Dan
on the south: Simon, Issachar and Zebullun
on the west: Gad, Asher and Naftali…” Ezekiel 48:30-34

“It had a great, high wall with 12 gates; at the gates were twelve angels; and inscribed on the gates were the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. There were three gates to the east, three gates to the north, three gates on to the south and three gates to the west.” Revelation 21:12-13 

The names of the gates have changed over hundreds of years:

Picture: The wheels of the 12 gates of Jerusalem

The preacher projected a world map from his laptop on the white screen. There were 6 lines crossing through one point in the world… one city in the Middle East. Jerusalem.
There are 12 gates in Jerusalem and each gate faces one area of the world – areas that are bordered by the 6 lines below.

The map of where the gates are facing

Indonesia falls in the area which the Golden gate of Jerusalem faces. There are three gates in the east wall: the Lion gate, the Golden gate and the Bethpage Bethany gate. The main gate in this wall was the Golden gate, the one facing Indonesia.

The Golden gate was the gate from where Jesus entered Jerusalem the last time before his crucifixion. In the same night that he was arrested, Jesus had gone to Gethsemane, in the Mount of Olives to pray. Three of his disciples had gone up with him. While Jesus was praying, his disciples fell asleep.

At one point that night, a crowd, led by Judas, came to arrest Jesus. And through this very Golden gate, Jesus was led back into Jerusalem to the high priest who then sent him to the governor to have him executed.

In Ezekiel 44, the God of Israel prophesied that the Golden gate which was just built by Nehemiah and Ezekiel would be shut forever and only one King would go through the gate to sit on the throne in Jerusalem and rule the world from there.

The Jews and the Christians have held on to this prophecy that the Messiah would come through this very gate. For the Jews, it would be the first coming of the longed Messiah while for the Christians, the second. Nevertheless, both group of people, lovers of the same God of Israel, seems to be waiting for the same person to arrive. The Jewish Messiah.

ADONAI said to me, “This gate will remain shut; it will not be opened, and no one will go through it;… Only the prince, since he is a prince, is to sit there to eat meal before ADONAI; he is to enter through the vestibule of the gate and leave the same way.” (Ezekiel 44:2-3) 

In 636 AD the Arabs came to Jerusalem and occupied the land until 1099 AD. They were very aware of the prophecy about the coming of the Jewish Messiah through the Golden gate. In fear and desperately trying to prevent the prophesied Messiah from coming through this gate, the Arabs permanently sealed the entrance of it with stones and cement. Their fear fulfilled God’s prophecy: that the gate would be shut forever.

Over the many years Arabs have contemptuously buried their dead in front of this Eastern Gate. Their reasoning is built on a hapless misunderstanding. They believe that the Jewish Messiah will be restrained from entering Jerusalem by this route because they believe He will be bound by Old Testament laws which prohibit Him (and all Jewish people) from coming in contact with the remains of the dead.

The photograph below shows the Golden Gate taken from the Mt. of Olives. In the photo you can see the sealed gate and the cemetery in front of the gate. The Arabs chose this piece of land to bury their dead, hoping that the remains of the dead would be too unclean for the Jewish Messiah to pass through.

The sealed entrance of the Golden Gate and the burial ground in front of it to keep the Jewish Messiah away from entering Jerusalem.

The second coming of the Messiah will be through this gate. According to Matthew 24, it will be all the way from somewhere in the east. It is not a coincidence that the Golden gate is facing the east where the Messiah was supposed to come from in his second coming.
For when the Son of Man comes, it will be like lightning that flashes out of the east and fills the sky to the western horizon. Matthew 24:27. 

So many prophecies I have heard from the famous old Morris Cerullo to God’s younger servants such as Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn, Theresia Age, Petrus Agung and Lydia. It is said that the blazing fire of the Holy Spirit of ADONAI Tzva’ot will come through the ‘Fire of the Southern Land’, and like a tsunami wave, the fire will be brought by the people of the southern land up to the land in the north according to the chariots of iron that everybody was given.
Another prophecy said that Indonesia was going to become the biggest country in South-East with the most believers in the God of Israel. This was another proof that this country would be the one starting the wave of repentance back to the northern countries all the way back to Israel, all the way back to Jerusalem, through the Golden Gate. It was through this country that the Messiah will come the second time!
All four of us were stunned. We had all heard about this before.  But hearing this again from a completely different church we were used to go to was just an overwhelming confirmation that what we believed was true. The difference was that none of us had seen this prophecy in a completely thorough comprehension as this preacher had delivered to us.
The preacher didn’t stop there. He showed us one proof of God’s plan to use Indonesia. It was from Isaiah 46:11.
I call a bird of prey from the east,
the people I intended, from a distant country.
I have spoken and will bring it about;
I have made a plan, and I will fulfill it. 

Here is the national emblems of the countries in south-east Asia, just click here. In the east, one of two countries with a ‘bird of prey’ as their national emblem is Thailand. But when you look closely to this emblem, the ‘bird of prey’ is not exactly a ‘bird’. It has the wings and feet of a bird but a body of a man. The other country of the two then, is the only country with a true ‘bird of prey’… It is Indonesia – the national emblem is a golden eagle.

Pic: The bird of prey from a distant land in the east, called by God.

It was amazing to realize that long before this country even existed, thousands of years ago, God had made a plan… where my fellow country people and I were honored to be a part of.

Barukh Hasheem Adonai!

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